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  • President and Representative Director Hiroshi Ogihara
    President and Representative Director
    Hiroshi Ogihara
  • Nisshin TECHNO Engineering is a Nippon Signal CO., Ltd. affiliate specialized in the quality control and on-site installation/adjusting of railway signal protective devices. We conduct our business operations with safety, a broad technical knowledge of railway signals, providing high quality and satisfactory products to our clients, and social contribution always in mind.
    Japanese railway technology, exemplifed by the Shinkansen bullet train, not to mention the “Shinkansen” bullet train, is internationally highly evaluated. With the current trend for energy-efficient mass-transportation railways, Japanese products are being selected by countries in East Asia and other overseas areas across the globe.
    As a specialized member of the industry, we intend to continue strengthening our organization. We sincerely request your continued support.
  • June 2018

Nippon Signal group philosophy

Our mission

We will contribute to the creation of a more secure and comfortable society through our safe and reliable technology.

What we seek to be

With our creativity and passion we will pursue top-notch technology, and aspire to become a global company that touches our customers’ hearts.

What we value

  • 1. Valuing safety and trust above all: Making things (manufacturing)
  • 2. To see the world through our customers’ eyes and enhance their lives: Making lives (business)
  • 3. To challenge ourselves for our own growth: Making people (education)
  • 4. To protect the environment and support enhancement of the region and society: Making cities (CSR)
  • 5. Depicting and discussing dreams: Making roads (building the future)

Our codes of conduct: The 6 Promises

1. Pursuing customer happiness and satisfaction
We will provide our customer with safe/high quality products and service that exceed their expectations.
2. Fair corporate action
We will conduct just transactions that are fair, transparent, and that adhere to the lines of free competition.
3. Proper disclosure of information and social communication
We will communicate openly with society including our stock-owners and properly conduct positive/timely disclosure of corporate information.
4. Respecting human rights and composing a good work environment
We will respect our employees’ diversity, personality, and individuality in order to create a healthy workplace with a decent job. We will also support our employees’ self-realization through work.
5. Environmental protection and positive social contribution activities
We will pursue the making of earth-friendly products by means of corporate action that can coexist with environmental protection. Furthermore, as members of the local community, we will also positively participate in social contribution activities.
6. Appropriate management of company property and information
We will properly manage our company property and take thorough care in the protection and management of company information, including personal and customer information.